Scagliola Artisan
Brescia, IT

Claudio Campana


B 1992. After a degree in History of Art from Dams in Bologna in 2016, he dedicated himself to the study of the techniques of the artistic tradition. He specializes in Artistic Moulding at Sermig in Torino in 2019. Since 2020 he practices the working of Scagliola learned from the Master Mauro Patrini at the European Centre for Restoration in Thiene. In 2023 he specialized in Production Techniques for Design at the Experimental Ceramic Center in Montelupo Fiorentino. He currently works in Castelfiorentino, Firenze, IT
Scagliola is a Baroque technique developed with the aim of using poor materials to imitate the composition and surface of marble and stones. It is a mixture of plaster with natural pigments and animal glue. Once hardened, the surface is sanded and grouted in several stages and then polished. Historically, scagliola has been used in architecture and inlay as an alternative to stones, mostly in ecclesiastical contexts. Recently, thanks to its intrinsic formal freedom, scagliola is having a new life in contemporary design and applied arts.